From complex tunnel and foundation construction to utility installations, our expert team completes projects on time and on budget.

Bronte Construction Foundations division specializes in a variety of shoring and foundation solutions. Our in-house design team combined with our knowledgeable field team can complete any shoring or foundation project required. Our clients range from Builders, Utility companies to all levels of government.

Design Build

Our in-house team provides complete turnkey solutions to all foundation and shoring projects which include design right to testing. 

Shoring and Piling Works

  • Secant/ Caisson Walls
  • Sheet Pile Walls
  • Lagging Walls
  • Soil Nail Walls


  • Caisson
  • Rock Anchors
  • Tie Backs
  • Helical Piles
  • Micro Piles
  • Caisson
  • Driven H-Piles

View our foundations project portfolio below.

Shoring & Piling Works

Integral in every underground construction project, particularly in locations below the water line, is the process of shoring. Our skilled team will facilitate a custom solution that fits the needs of your specific project.

Secant/Caisson Walls

Created by constructing intersecting concrete caisson piles, which then can be reinforced with steel rebar or beams. This shoring option is best when trying to reduce vibrations, working in poor soil conditions or when ground water is a concern.

Sheet Pile Walls

Sheet pile walls are constructed by driving prefabricated metal sheets into the ground. This option is economical and useful for the construction of cofferdams, protection systems, docks, wharfs, and earth retainment. We have the ability to install in; tight conditions with reduce overhead, where reduced ground loading is required and on water with barges.

Lagging Walls

Soldier piles and lagging walls use vertical steel piles with horizontal timber lagging to hold back soil, with larger walls using tieback anchors. Piles are drilled, or driven, into the ground at regular intervals and the timber lagging is placed between them. Soldier Piles and Lagging Walls are cost effective compared to other shoring systems, fast construction and are versatile. We have the ability to install in; tight conditions and with reduce overhead.

Soil Nail Walls

Soil nail walls are constructed by inserted stabilizing steel bars in closely spaced, pre-drilled holes, which are then secured in place with grout or shotcrete. Soil nailing is a great option for restricted spaces or locations with obstructions.

Other Custom Solutions

With our team of industry experts we are able to provide custom solutions to any project.


Pile foundations are created in order to transfer significant loads into the stronger soil or bedrock in an underground construction project. Our skilled team will implement the techniques that best fit the needs of your specific project.


Drilled piles, caissons, or cast-in-place piles are constructed by drilling a hole and then placing concrete directly into it. These piles are often reinforced by casing. This is recommended for larger builds where there are very large loads. Bronte has the capability to:

  1. Work in reduced head room
  2. large Dia.and deep
  3. Drilling into bedrock with large dia. Down the hole hammers

Rock Anchors

Rock anchors are typically anchored into sound bedrock by means of high strength cementitious grouting for foundations and through holes drilled into or through a structure for post-tensioning applications. Rock anchors are used in dams to shoring projects, we have the right solution to complete any project

Tie Back Anchors

A tie-back anchor is used to reinforce foundation and retaining walls for lateral stability. There are several types of tie back anchor, we can design and install the correct anchor for all soils and load requirements.

Helical/Screw Piles

Screw piles, sometimes referred to as screw anchors, screw-piles, helical piles, and helical anchors are a steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used for building deep foundations.
Our strengths are:

  1. Large dia. 5-8” with high torque
  2. Limited access hard to reach areas
  3. Large quantity

Micro Piles

Micropiles are deep foundation small diameter (typ. Less than 0.3m dia.) grouted piles typically with reinforcing steel bar at the center. Micro piles are the preferred method of deep foundations projects for the versatility, reliability, and efficiency. We have the capability of installing in limited room and tough access.

Driven H-Piles

Driven piles are prefabricated piles that are driven into the ground using a pile driver. They are often constructed from wood, reinforced concrete, or Steel H Beams. They offer a quick and inexpensive way to provide pile foundations. We have the ability for fast mobilizations with our excavator mounted hammers capable of 1500KN striking force to crane mounted diesel hammers for longer piles.

Foundations Division Construction Projects

Kerns Road Retaining Wall Replacement

Bronte Construction was hired by a private owner, located in Burlington ON to design and reconstruct a failed Retaining Wall at the back side of their residence. 

Wabageshik Dam Rehabilitation

Drilling several three-inch diameter curtain grout holes into the bed rock in primary and secondary.  The holes are cleaned with water, then pressure grouted the holes in ten-foot increments.