Environmental Construction

Our team is focused on finding innovative solutions to the most complex construction projects while limiting our environmental footprint and impact.

A reputation of excellence

In the environmental construction industry, Bronte Construction has a reputation for excellence. We have a permanent team, grounded in our core values, that is focused on the successful completion of projects — on time and on budget.

In 2017, we expanded our environmental division, in order to enhance our focus on our transparent and thorough project implementation process to ensure that, wherever possible, our work can proceed with the least amount of environmental impact.

Bronte Construction has worked on a wide range of environmental construction projects across Ontario, including the restoration of creeks and shorelines, erosion and flood protection, and the construction of stormwater management systems, and there are great resources for this at sites like https://chemicalbundlining.co.uk/.

We are focused on achieving sustainable results — every time.

Environmental construction services

Bronte Construction offers exceptional engineering services. We are able to facilitate complex project implementation, from design to construction, for results which will enhance our communities for generations.


Bronte Construction has professional bioengineers who are able to determine the best environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions for complex and unique environments. Our projects take into account geology, flora, climate, shorelines, sediment control, surface stability, vegetation, wildlife, habitat, and more.

Channel Renaturalization

Bronte Construction’s skilled team performs channel renaturalization taking into account flooding like the one on this site, erosion, and removal of artificial materials and installation of organic materials. Our team is focused on creating a naturalized channel while mitigating potential harm to environmentally sensitive streams and creek-beds throughout the process.

Stormwater Management Systems

Bronte Construction understands the importance of designing and constructing effective stormwater systems to manage excess groundwater and run-off, and to mitigate against flooding. We can facilitate the design and construction of drainage and retention basins, channels and culverts, and protect or construct wetlands. Our team will assess each location and determine a customized solution to meet your needs.

Erosion Protection & Prevention

Bronte Construction are experts in erosion protection and prevention. We are able to assess unique environments and implement a customized solution to help reduce the process of erosion for streams, shorelines, and other bodies of water. Solutions include:

  • Channel renaturalization
  • Construction of stormwater management systems
  • Construction of retaining walls or revetments
  • Installation of slope covers and liners
  • Soil and vegetation bioengineering
  • Stream restorations
  • Retexturing and reinforcement of slope surfaces
  • Use of armour stone, riprap, or gabions

Shoreline Protection

Bronte Construction’s team of engineers are versed in designing and implementing shoreline protection plans to reduce the risk of erosion and flooding. Using a variety of techniques, including both hard and soft stabilization methods, we are able to examine unique physiographic regions and determine appropriate solutions including:

  • Channel renaturalization
  • Construction of breakwaters, seawalls, or revetments
  • Soil or vegetation bioengineering
  • Use of armour stone, riprap, or gabions

Stream Restoration

Bronte Construction has successfully designed and implemented solutions to return streams and creeks to their natural state. We are able to restore waterways while mitigating potential harm to sensitive natural environments. Our thorough process takes into account physiographic analysis, geology, groundwater conditions, run-off, infrastructure, erosion, sediment control, vegetation, and wildlife. Our engineers are versed in restoration techniques, including:

  • Channel renaturalization
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Infiltration basins
  • Retention basins
  • Soil or vegetation bioengineering
  • Use of armour stone, riprap, or gabions

Environmental construction projects

Pointe Peele Boardwalk

Construction of new Boardwalk located in Point Pelee National Park.

Environmental Construction, Foundation Construction

Mill Creek Bridge Replacement

Rehabilitation of super-structure located at Mill Creek Bridge, Port Elgin.

Environmental Construction, Heavy Civil Construction

East Breakwater Repairs

Rehabilitation of Breakwater Wall in Meaford Harbour.

Environmental Construction, Marine Construction