Bluffer’s Park Shoreline Restoration

Location: Bluffer’s Park, Toronto, Ontario

Owner: City of Toronto

Consultant: City of Toronto

Project Description

Bronte Construction was hired by the City of Toronto to replace a large section of seawall in Bluffer’s Park in the winter of 2016-17. This was a highly complex project involving environmental assessments and numerous consultants, stakeholders, agencies, and ministries.

The project also necessitated taking into account biological inventories, assessments, plans, strategies, and objectives from a wide variety of stakeholders, ranging from fisheries to beaches.  The project was planned in accordance with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Integrated Shoreline Management Plan with objectives to: protect and enhance terrestrial and aquatic natural features and linkages, manage public safety and property risk, provide an enjoyable waterfront experience, create consistency and coordination with other initiatives, and achieve value for cost.

Project considerations included: two distinct physio graphic regions, exposed geology, groundwater conditions and discharge, bathymetry, coastal processes and geomorphology, storm water run-off, infrastructure, steam hydraulics, surface water, sediment quality, climate, shoreline and bluff erosion, natural environment, vegetation communities, flora species, wildlife and wildlife habitat, fish and fish habitat, significant natural areas, and the socio economic environment.

Scope of Work

  • Supply and installation of a new seawall, complete with caps, railing, and rubber fenders
  • Construction of concrete boat launches
  • Complete upgrades to curbs, asphalt, and electrical systems
  • Implementation of environmental protection measures
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