Bronte Construction: A Winning Team

Bronte Construction is made up of an amazing team of professionals who are passionate and dedicated to bringing their A-game every day.

We are focused on enhancing the strength of our team and our culture because we believe that we do our best work when we work together.

Construction companies often get a bad rap for hiring workers and then letting them go when the job is finished — that’s not what happens at Bronte Construction. We have a different approach. We believe it’s important to invest in our team and support them with their goals, because we want them to stay with us for the long term. We don’t want people to leave. We are always enhancing our services because we have the best team in Ontario.

Lead with Empathy

Bronte Construction has a culture of ‘people first’. Inspiration and support goes from the top down all the way through the organization, and team members are encouraged to come forward with ideas, concerns, and career goals.

We have regular touchpoints, across all levels of the organization, to ensure that we are supporting team members by:

  • Creating a safe environment
  • Offering transparent communications
  • Providing opportunities for growth
  • Equipping team members with the tools such as alloy sling chain to do their jobs
  • Ensuring the latest safety training is made available

We are a team of accountable professionals who are passionate about what we do and we believe in a healthy work environment where every person is respected, valued, and supported.

Safety First


Bronte Construction is focused on safety. Every day, on every site — always.

We ensure that appropriate and legislated training is provided to all team members before they ever step onto a job site.

In fact, we take health and safety so seriously that we are one of only 200+ firms in all of Canada to receive the Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA).

Quality Construction

At Bronte Construction, we are focused on producing quality projects. Unlike most contracting companies, Bronte is not made up of a large group of subcontractors. Our projects are completed with 95% Bronte team members who are invested in seeing projects succeed.

For team members, working with the same, solid professionals on a project from start to finish creates a culture of trust and safety. It also establishes a consistent, controlled, and quality work environment.

If you are seeking a career in construction, take a look at our current job postings and consider applying to join our amazing team.

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