Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

Bronte Construction are the experts in working in environmentally sensitive surroundings. Our team is focused on finding innovative solutions to the most complex construction projects while ensuring that we limit our environmental footprint and impact.

Sustainable Construction

Bronte Construction provides quality construction with green solutions wherever possible. We know that RFPs often include key considerations to reduce environmental impact from construction projects — and we embed environmental processes and assessment into all of our projects.

Preserving the environment is something we take very seriously. We have thorough and strict environmental processes and all of our team members are trained in environmental management procedures. We regularly review and update our environmental policy, and we ensure that our projects are reported and audited appropriately. One of our goals is to minimize the potential for projects to negatively impact the environment, and we are constantly researching for new methods to improve upon existing industry standards.

We are understand the importance of sustainable construction. Our expert bio-engineering team will review all projects to consider and determine where a green solution is feasible. This can include sediment control projects, bridge construction, relining rivers, erosion control, renaturalization projects, and more.

Creative Construction Solutions

At Bronte Construction, we make every effort to reuse materials and we are dedicated to working with communities and regions to find collaborative solutions.

We will work with our clients to find custom solutions to unique projects — and we aren’t afraid of experimenting with new methods in order to achieve results.

Our state of the art equipment, dedication to protecting nature, and focus on always improving, results in successful and sustainable projects. Our work on the Chedoke Creek Rehabilitation project in Hamilton, Ontario is a prime example of our diligence in ensuring that environmental procedures were followed in a complicated and sensitive natural environment.

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