Foundations is the Next Construction Frontier

The demands of the construction industry are changing. Projects are beginning in isolated locations, along already crowded city streets, and on previously untouched, challenging ground conditions. With the increase in these builds comes the need for durable and adaptable foundation construction solutions.

There is 27.7 billion currently being spent on construction projects in Ontario alone. These projects are dominated by infrastructure revitalization and new builds.

  • Infrastructure improvements are an ongoing cycle, as projects come to a close, others begin. Over time old building materials start to break down and shifting soil and erosion speeds up this process. Therefore there is a growing need for custom foundations to be installed to keep these key infrastructure pieces operating safely.
  • The trend of new construction, both residential and commercial, continues to be tall, heavy buildings and the need for custom foundations work is also growing. Each project is unique and requires a different combination of shoring and pile works and drilling.

This money being allocated to ongoing construction projects means the demand for talented construction professionals is on the rise. At Bronte Construction, we find ourselves at the forefront of this growing industry segment. Our in-house foundations team, combined with a knowledgeable field team, have the skills needed to complete any foundations project. Paired with our unique ability to complete projects while mitigating our environmental impact, Bronte Construction is one of the leaders in foundations for infrastructure repair in Ontario.

What you can expect from a career in foundations at Bronte Construction?

We pride ourselves on our culture built around teamwork. Our foundations team is no different. A transition to a career in foundations construction means you’ll have the opportunity to learn, adapt and problem solve with a team dedicated to performing at the highest level. These projects are challenging, whose scope involves environmental management, working around obstacles, and adapting your skills to accomplish each project. Members of this team say one of the biggest rewards of this field is, the opportunity to learn and grow is exponential. No two projects are the same, and being able to adapt your skills to successfully complete a project is very fulfilling.

This work is technical and complex and the advanced construction methods are a part of what makes this area exciting. Foundations construction is a growing segment of the construction industry and being part of our innovative team will help set the foundation for the future of your career. If you want to be on the front line of this industry expansion, visit our construction careers page.

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