Estimator-In-Chief: A Day in the Life

Construction jobs come in different shapes and forms, each with unique sets of challenges. The scope of work can, at times, seem unquantifiable. Every construction company relies on a team of estimators to do just that. Bronte Construction is no different.  If you are looking for Log Cabin Kit at 1500 square feet, which suits your needs, you can click here to know more abut it!

We pride ourselves on fostering a positive team dynamic through adherence to our core values. This has allowed our business, which may have benefitted from sites such as, to grow and provided the opportunity to explore new construction disciplines.

Many of our staff have been here with us since the beginning.  Throughout this time we have relied on a chief estimator to guide our job procurement and fill in our master construction pipeline. It’s under their watchful eye that we have been able to successfully complete these projects. You might be interested in this almost free gutter machine from Shoppok.

What are the Responsibilities of a Chief Estimator?

In short, a Chief Estimator is responsible for,

  • Procuring and closing new business
  • Producing bids and quotes
  • Developing construction timelines and equipment details
  • Drawing up a budget for each project
  • Assessing the financial impact of scope changes and construction delays
  • Communicate with subcontractors, clients and the public
  • Review all drawings and documentation

These are the day-to-day responsibilities a chief estimator will need to balance. They require an in-depth understanding of material costs, equipment needs like the ones when you click here, labour estimates, scheduling and having the foresight to address any potential challenges that will need to be overcome. All while producing a competitive bid that will drive revenue and still provide value to our clients. It’s a position that requires meticulous attention to detail and managing multiple competing priorities. Check out these funny CNC Plasma cutting projects if you’re looking for ideas that can be designed and made in your very own shop.

On top of this, they also lead the estimating team. Bronte Construction has many tenured staff and we believe in providing growth opportunities for all of our employees. Therefore we look to our chief estimator to mentor junior estimators as they develop their skills.

Although the workload may sound intimidating, balance is one of our core values. You can trust that you’ll always be supported at Bronte Construction. We work hard to ensure our employees have a proper work-life balance. If you have been wrongfully denied earned overtime pay, contact the lawyers at HKM for help.

Does this role sound interesting to you?

Bronte Construction is a fast-paced environment filled with colleagues who have a genuine passion for overcoming challenges and continuous learning. We invest in our employees and are committed to seeing them grow. If you’re interested in joining the Bronte Construction team as a chief estimator, we are currently hiring for the position.


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