Core Values at Bronte Construction

Bronte Construction started small. We began in 2012, as a small construction company with four team members who were focused on providing world-class landscape construction services to residential and commercial customers.

Over the years, our team has grown, our services have expanded, and our focus has shifted toward larger municipal and regional projects.

Today, we are proud to have a company with over 100 skilled team members who are focused on success. Together, we share a goal of building quality, innovative, and sustainable projects to improve our communities.

Our Foundation

At Bronte Construction, we believe that the root of our success is our core values. We believe in providing an environment that allows our team to thrive, and we endeavour to support our team members so they can do their best work every day, at every job, on every site.

Our company is built on a foundation of core values:

  • Safety
    • We believe that production of work should never take precedence over the health and safety of an individual or team.
  • Character
    • We believe in being open, honest, ethical, and displaying integrity in all situations.
  • Culture
    • We seek challenges, persevere and overcome obstacles together, and respect each other’s different strengths. Our team seeks new growth and leads by example.
  • Quality
    • We believe in putting quality, culture, safety, and clients, ahead of profit.
  • Balance
    • We believe that hard work, with life balance, is the key to long-term individual and team success.

In the construction industry, Bronte Construction has a reputation for excellence. We have a permanent team, grounded in our core values, that is focused on the successful completion of projects — on time and on budget.

As we continue to grow and complete exceptional projects across the province, Bronte Construction will remain focused on what matters: quality construction, sustainable solutions, and projects that improve communities.

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