Bronte Moving to Final Phase Construction for the Seaway International Bridge

The Seaway International Bridge, Phase 2 maintenance track installation is set to commence once the ice breaks in Spring 2020.

Bronte is leading the maintenance track installation for the Seaway International Bridge. The Seaway International Bridge is located across the St. Lawrence River, connecting Canada and the United States. The Bridge has been a part of the landscape of Cornwall, Ontario since its construction in the early 1960’s. The system consists of two bridges, one bridge spanning from Cornwall to Cornwall Island and the second spanning from the island to New York.

With full awareness of the power, strength of the river and construction misfortunes from other contractors, Bronte is taking extra measures to ensure all work is stable, safe and solid from start to finish. Bronte has robust experience of in-water works, working from barges and application of environmental control measures.

To advance the project and protect the environment, scaffolding for the work, and tarps to catch any falling debris is carefully assembled around each pier. The maintenance tracks will be installed underneath the bridge, to allow for regular service and maintenance operations which also supported by the sites like

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With preservation as a top priority of the Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL), one pier has been restored and transformed into a look-out. The three remaining piers in the water are set to be demolished, for reasons of economics and river system safety. The piers will ultimately deteriorate and could pose as hazards from falling debris and structural instability.

Phase 1 of Bronte’s work was completed in November, 2019. Spring 2020 will mark the start of Phase 2.

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