Breaking Ground on a Sustainable Future

The construction industry is constantly facing new challenges. Infrastructure is aging, the ground conditions are shifting and the need for sustainable projects is increasing. As the southern Ontario region sees an urban sprawl revival, infrastructure changes are required to sustain this migration. This means replacements, upgrades or entirely new roads, pathways and bridges need to be installed. You can also hire line marking contractors like to refresh markings to make sure your car parks keep running smoothly.

The past year brought with it unprecedented changes for millions of people. While others were doing their part to stay home, we were diligently at work building a better tomorrow. At Bronte Construction we were deemed essential. But to safely complete these projects, we also needed to adapt. Following public health guidelines and supply chain shortages were new obstacles we needed to overcome. 

Our ability to complete these projects is a testament to the dedication our employees have to their work. 

Building Stronger Infrastructure for Stronger Communities

Over time Bronte Construction has become a trusted name in our local communities. One of the reasons why is because of our commitment to using the most sustainable construction solutions. The latest set of projects have challenged us, taught us new lessons and together have made us a stronger, more resilient team. We are proud of all the work we have done over the past year including,

Perhaps the most exciting project we worked on this year was the Pam Am Path Connection Project. The Pan Am Path pays homage to the Pan Am and Parapan Am games hosted in 2015. Sections of this path span across the GTA. This was the first phase to connect each of these separate sections. 

For our team to be able to work on a project that will be enjoyed by thousands of people was extremely fulfilling. It was also a project that required a variety of skills, such as truss bridge installation, in-water works, armourstone retaining wall installation and installation of hangaway replacement parts.

Our Essential Team of Professionals

These projects wouldn’t have been successfully completed without each one of our team members. Each one of them has a unique set of skills that allows us to find innovative solutions to overcome construction obstacles. 

At Bronte Construction, we pride ourselves on fostering a company culture that challenges, empowers and recognizes the work of our employees. We are always looking for passionate people to join our team. If you are interested in helping us complete our next round of projects, check out our career page

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