Environmental Construction

Erosion Control

Erosion occurs when rain and moving water dislodge and carry soil particles and organic matter into waterways. This can cause numerous problems:

  • Ruts and potholes can form, making an area hazardous and requiring constant maintenance.
  • Valuable soil can be lost when it is washed or blown away
  • Mud from eroded areas can build up on driveways, sidewalks, gutter and cause serious problems by clogging drains and channels.

Bronte Construction can overcome erosion by:

  • Reinforcing the ground and preventing the excessive migration of fill materials;
  • Providing a permeable surface to assist in ground water absorption, thus decreasing water runoff.

In it's prevention of erosion, Bronte Construction will provide stability and safety, while improving an area's aesthetics and reducing maintenance costs.

Stream Restoration

Bronte Construction has years of experience constructing, reinforcing and stabilizing streams and rivers. Through the work we do we minimize erosion, improve landscapes, and restore habitats.

A riffle or rock ramp is a layer of rock placed within a river or stream to remove vertical drops, replacing it with a shallow sloped riffle, within which fish migration and aquatic habitat is restored.

Where the channel form permits, rock vortex weirs can be built with large stones to help build the grade of the river below the drop structure or weir. This helps reduce the slope of the rocky ramp over the barrier. This alternative typically maintains the characteristics of the barrier under a layer of round rock. It is well suited to small barriers on headwater streams. Costs are dependent on the size of the barrier and the river or stream.

Armour Stone

Armour stone is great for a number of environmental construction and retaining wall projects. From single tier park and garden perimeters to large scale retaining walls in ravines and water reservoirs, Armour stone offers durability, beauty and an ageless look for any project.

We take the time to fit the stone together to maximize the impact your stone wall will have and to provide maximum lifespan. With many quarries that produce armour stone and sizes to choose from, there is a stone choice to compliment your project.

Retaining walls

Bronte Construction is well versed in the engineering and construction of retaining walls for all manner of stability and support needs.

Concrete crib walls are retaining walls, constructed from interlocking, precast, concrete components. They are filled with free draining material and earth backfill to eliminate the hazards of hydrostatic pressure building up behind the wall.
Bronte Construction offers a range of solutions for crib walls which can be quickly and inexpensively erected. They can be used almost anywhere a retaining wall is needed – including driveways, building sites, and ravine or park areas.